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Hello and welcome, I hope you enjoy my book blog. My aim is to review one or two books a week, and perhaps air any thoughts I have on books every now and then. There are hundreds of blogs about books already so I’m not expecting to take the world by storm, just maybe offer my voice to it. I’m a born-again bookworm if you like. I’ve always loved reading and books but in recent years I’ve neglected my reading and this blog is my way of getting back in to it. So far I’m loving it!

I read mostly fantasy, but will pick up anything that sounds good except sci-fi, horror or crime novels, which I rarely like. As a Scot I’d also like to read more by authors born or currently living in Scotland, and books set here so I aim to read and review at least one book in that category every month. They won’t always be brand new but I’ll always be honest.

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